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Family Connect is a free, confidential service providing, impartial advice, information, guidance and support on a full range of children's services available across the borough including childcare, activities, school admissions and finance.

Family Connect aims to ensure that families are getting the right help at the right time.

Positive parenting and self-esteem

21st century parenting

How to set boundaries and build positive relationships

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The NSPCC have created a positive parenting guide offering parenting advice to new parents and those caring for young children or teenagers.

Please view the positive parenting guide.

Building confidence and self-esteem


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Childline ask: if you are always putting yourself down? Or feel like you have no confidence anymore? You’re not alone - lots of people feel like this sometimes. But Childline offer loads of ways to boost your confidence and self-esteem:       

Being assertive


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Childline advise being assertive can help you to explain how you feel and what you need, without being rude or aggressive. These skills can help you stand up for yourself and still treat other people with respect:       

How you look


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Childline advise feeling happy about how you look is part of how you feel about yourself. It's normal to worry about the way you look sometimes. Especially as you grow and go through puberty.

Dealing with embarrassment


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Childline advise embarrassment is the uncomfortable feeling you get when you’ve done something which you think will make you look bad. Childline can help you find a way to deal with these situations:       

Parenting support and advice

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