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Family Connect is a free, confidential service providing, impartial advice, information, guidance and support on a full range of children's services available across the borough including childcare, activities, school admissions and finance.

Family Connect aims to ensure that families are getting the right help at the right time.

Child sexual exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Lost control of a sexual/explicit image or video

If you are under 18 and an explicit or nude image of you has been shared online, we can confidentially help you to get it removed.

View further advice and support from the NSPCC about the dangers of sexting.

Information about Child Sexual Exploitation

Children Abused Through Exploitation (CATE)

For more information on Children Abused Through Exploitation (CATE) please view our guidance documents:

Indicators of exploitation

Parenting support and advice

The parenting support section provides advice, support, tips and all aspects of parenting:

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CATE @ Family Connect (Children Abused Through Exploitation)

  • Telephone: 01952 385385

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

The Holly Project

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

  • Telephone: 01223 203030


  • Telephone: 0808 8005000


  • Telephone: 0113 2403040


  • Telephone: 0300 3333000


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