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Family Connect aims to ensure that families are getting the right help at the right time.

Loss and bereavement


Coping with bereavement

Talking about the death of a loved one

Advice and support when someone dies


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Childline advise when someone dies, there's no right or wrong way you should feel. Everyone experiences bereavement (the loss that people feel) differently. But you don’t have to cope on your own, Childline are always here for you:


Questions children may ask


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Marie Curie advise that you tailor your answers to your child’s age, stage of development and their previous experience of death you shouldn’t go too far wrong. Above all, try to be honest. Children find dishonesty far more difficult to deal with:


Childrens' understanding of death


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Cruse Bereavement Care advise the nature of a child’s understanding of death and bereavement will be different at different stages of development:


Parenting support and advice

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Cruse Bereavement Care

  • Telephone: 0844 4779400

Health Visitors 0 - 5 years - helping parents with their under 5's

  • Telephone: 01952 580375
  • Text: 07964 134107

Health Visitor Advice Line

  • Telephone: 01952 580375

Hope House

  • Telephone: 01691 671999

School Nursing Service

  • Telephone: 01952 621340



Feeling unhappy, sad or depressed

Child bereavement app

The child bereavement app has been created by a group of bereaved young people working directly with Child Bereavement UK. Find out more information by visiting the Child Bereavement UK website.

Other children's experiences

Sometimes it helps to know about other people’s experiences so you can see that you are not alone. Visit Child Bereavement UK to read about other young people’s experiences.