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Domestic abuse/violence

About domestic abuse/violence

Information and support for women

Women's Aid provide help and support if you are experiencing domestic abuse/violence, please click on the links below for more information:

General information

Finding help

Your legal rights

Helping your children

Health and well being

Special circumstances


Information and support for men

The effects domestic abuse/violence has on children

The effects domestic abuse/violence has on young people

Finding somewhere to stay

Refuge provide help and support if you are experiencing domestic abuse/violence and are looking for somewhere to stay, please click on the links below for more information:


Survivors forum

Visit the Women's Aid website and join the Survivors’ Forum, it is a safe, anonymous, space for women (over 18) who have been affected by domestic abuse/violence to share their experiences and support one another.


Survivors handbook

Visit the Women's Aid website to view the Survivor’s Handbook, it provides practical support and information for women experiencing domestic abuse/violence, with simple guidance on every aspect of seeking support.

Please click the links below to read real life survivor stories, provided by Refuge and ManKind:

Melanie's story ADH’s story
Isobel's story Graham’s story
Mary’s story Jamie’s story
Marta's story Matthew’s story
Bella's story Sam’s story
  Sebastian’s story
  Terry’s story

Support groups - Freedom 12 Programme

The Freedom Programme is a 12 week programme that is open to any woman who wishes to:

  • gain more confidence
  • recognise what domestic abuse is
  • help find support from other women and agencies
  • help to understand the beliefs held by abusive men and which ones they have shared
  • look at the effects on children.

For information and to book a place, contact:

Email: sadminlakesidesouth@telford.gov.uk">eh&sadminlakesidesouth@telford.gov.uk

Parenting support and advice

The parenting support section provides advice, support, tips and all aspects of parenting:

Parenting your child through Domestic Abuse


Are you interested in learning more about how domestic abuse has affected your child? Please contact:


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Health Visitors 0 - 5 years - helping parents with their under 5's

  • Telephone: 0333 358 3328
  • Text: 0752 0619 053


  • Telephone: 0800 1111

Family Lives

  • Telephone: 0808 800 2222

Family Rights Group

  • Telephone: 0808 801 0366

Freedom 12 Programme

  • Telephone: 01952 385555



  • Telephone: 0182 333 4244


Men's Advice Line


  • Telephone: 0808 801 0327


Non emergencies West Mercia Police

  • Telephone: 101


  • Telephone: 0808 800 5000


Women’s Aid


  • Telephone: 0808 2000 247



24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline

  • Some have fled their home and desperately need a place of safety
  • Others want to talk about what is happening to them, discuss their fears and seek support
  • Many need information about their housing and legal rights or reassurance about calling the police

0808 2000 247 - freephone

Clare's Law

Clare’s Law – the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – is designed to provide victims with information that may protect them from an abusive situation before it ends in tragedy. The scheme allows the police to disclose information about a partner’s previous history of domestic violence or violent acts.

This leaflet is for you if you are in a relationship and you are worried that your partner may have been abusive in the past.

Download Clare’s Law -The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme leaflet.