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What steps do I take?

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    Bullying behaviour is never acceptable.
  • Act immediately if you think your child is being bullied.
  • Encourage your child to tell and keep a diary.
  • Speak to your child’s school immediately if you have concerns.

It can be hard to know whether or not a child is being bullied, visit the NCPCC website for more information about spotting signs of bullying.

Different kinds of bullying

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Bullying can happen anywhere and be about anything.


Childline provide advice and support on different types of bullying:


Visit Childline for more information about the different types of bullying and whether it is banter or bullying.

Getting help and support


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Childline provide extensive advice and support with issues about bullying, please see the links below:

Building confidence after bullying

Visit Childline for more advice and support on building confidence after bullying.

Getting in touch with Childline 

Parenting support and advice

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Advisory Centre for Eduction (ACE)

  • Telephone: 0300 0115142


  • Telephone: 0800 1111

Family Lives

  • Telephone: 0808 8002222

Health Visitors 0 - 5 years - helping parents with their under 5's

  • Telephone: 01952 580375
  • Text: 07964 134107

HENRY - 8 week course


  • Telephone: 020 77303300

School Nursing Service

  • Telephone: 01952 621340


Kidscape - free workshops 

Parents and carers can take advantage of FREE anti-bulllying and assertiveness workshops for their child. Parents and carers also attend a separate workshop on the day where they are given expert knowledge of how to effectively support their child.

My child is a bully